Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still working on my dosage

As I finish today, I get a call from my Dr. ...... go up to 20 units of insulin, yay for me!! I really wasn't surprised my numbers are still way to high...in the 250 range, they need to come down to under 100 fasting, and no more that 140 after eating! Wow I do hope getting my blood sugar under control will make me feel better. I have been nauseous everyday early in the a.m. around 3 am. Could be the insulin, may have to take some ginger with it. Why is it every drug has to cause something else!! I should have bought stock in the drug and supplement companies!! I get so tired in the afternoons....and I've got a lot to do. I'm trying very hard to get my jewelry business off the ground. I do hope getting my sugar under control will help my feet and my hands feel better. It's getting hard to make my jewelry my fingers hurt so bad. They feel frozen all the time, and everything hurts them now. I'm thinking I'll have to get some thimbles to keep turning those headpins, and using those tools!!

People make food I shouldn't eat when I'm coming over for dinner...and my mom says just don't eat it.....well I have to tell you that's like crack in front of a crackhead and saying JUST DON'T SMOKE IT!!! UUMMMM...yeah right. I wouldn't be going for dinner if we had our kitchen back together from the kitchen fire we had, but we're still waiting on the insurance company! I guess I could take my own food, or at least a big salad....I know I sound like I am whining...but it is so hard to eat "right" when everyone around you is eating what you want to be eating. Lord help me have the will power........

Enough of my whining!! Off to bed.....I'll let you know how the 20 units does me!!

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