Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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Still working on my dosage

As I finish today, I get a call from my Dr. ...... go up to 20 units of insulin, yay for me!! I really wasn't surprised my numbers are still way to high...in the 250 range, they need to come down to under 100 fasting, and no more that 140 after eating! Wow I do hope getting my blood sugar under control will make me feel better. I have been nauseous everyday early in the a.m. around 3 am. Could be the insulin, may have to take some ginger with it. Why is it every drug has to cause something else!! I should have bought stock in the drug and supplement companies!! I get so tired in the afternoons....and I've got a lot to do. I'm trying very hard to get my jewelry business off the ground. I do hope getting my sugar under control will help my feet and my hands feel better. It's getting hard to make my jewelry my fingers hurt so bad. They feel frozen all the time, and everything hurts them now. I'm thinking I'll have to get some thimbles to keep turning those headpins, and using those tools!!

People make food I shouldn't eat when I'm coming over for dinner...and my mom says just don't eat it.....well I have to tell you that's like crack in front of a crackhead and saying JUST DON'T SMOKE IT!!! UUMMMM...yeah right. I wouldn't be going for dinner if we had our kitchen back together from the kitchen fire we had, but we're still waiting on the insurance company! I guess I could take my own food, or at least a big salad....I know I sound like I am whining...but it is so hard to eat "right" when everyone around you is eating what you want to be eating. Lord help me have the will power........

Enough of my whining!! Off to bed.....I'll let you know how the 20 units does me!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting The Dosage Down

EEERRRR...getting the dosage up I should say. Today my Dr. increased my insulin dosage to 13 units up 3 from my 10 units. 10 units brought me down some .....into the low 300's and 260's but as we all know that is not nearly low enough. So we shall see what this extra 3 units will do, seems like a very small amount of insulin....of course I hope I don't have to go up too much more. It's amazing to me that such a small dose can do anything. I'm glad it's a small dose...don't get me wrong. She wants to keep the units as low as possible...after all insulin causes weight gain...I already knew that. I've had to much insulin floating around in my body forever....gave me all kinds of nasty problems along with a whole lot of weight issues. What I'm wondering is how am I not going to get these problems back? Hopefully the dose being so low...there will be no extra to float around in my body. The VERY LAST thing I need is weight gain. I'm still trying to lose what all those years of not knowing/understanding what all that insulin was doing to me.

I had the "dirty neck" that in middle school kids teased me about ... saying that I wore cheap necklaces that turned my neck. I didn't know any better and I tried so hard to scrub my neck clean....even tried comet on it once. I couldn't get it clean so I quit wearing my gold chain my mom bought me and I quit wearing my hair up! No one could see my neck, and I wore a lot of turtle necks to hide my neck!! Now my "dirty neck" is finally gone and I'd like to keep that and the other nasty symptoms I lost away!!

Lord help me on this new journey. I'll keep ya posted. 'till next time!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, I did it...... I gave myself my insulin shot, one a day, it's the new lantus 24 hr. insulin ! It hasn't made a difference yet. been doing it three days now. I don't know if the dossage isn't enough, or if it takes a couple of days for my body to figure it out. It's only 10 units this week, then I'll call her with my BS's and she'll adjust the dose I feel a bigger dose coming on !!

I do feel the needle, but I'm trying not to be such a big baby!! This is not where I thought I would be in my late thirties!! But I must do this....I can not let this horrific disease beat me done!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's official

It's Official....I have to say I am a diabetic now.

I will begin insulin this week for diabetes, my blood sugars have been running way too high, and metformin is no longer keeping them down, and it appears now my body does not produce enough insulin, when my entire life I've had way too much insulin floating around. I guess my pancreas is plum tired. I have a horrific fear of needles so this is truly freakin' me out! My friend a nurse...swears i won't feel the needle....FEEL IT ?? not sure if I can even stick it in me, it kills me to prick myself to check my blood sugar, and I can't even SEE that needle!! takes me forever to mash that button to pop my finger with that needle!!

I have a wheat intolerance, makes gain a lot of water weight when I get into too much of it! I'm not supposed to eat too much soy because it can cause my thyroid function to go down even further than it already is, I shouldn't eat anything white / sugary / soy / wheat......talk about choices.....what choices
chicken....and lettuce. That's my choices. I know not really, but that is how it feels, makes me want to go out and eat pizza and chocolate cake!!

I have a lot to learn, and a lot of research to do....I must get serious about this, because I want to be able to dance at my daughter's wedding. I want to be able to see her walk down the aisle. I won't let this disease beat me............

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things That Go Along With PCOS

PCOS is a horrible disease.
Here are some of the symptoms of PCOS:

*Excessive Hair/abnormal growth on face and around genitals
*Skin tags
*Irregular or no periods
*Weight gain/obesity
*Oily skin/dandruff
*Skin discoloration between thighs, back of neck, under arms, under breasts, etc.
*High cholesterol
*High blood pressure

Here are some chronic illness' that come along with PCOS:

~Thyroid Problems
~High Blood Pressure
~High Cholesterol
~Possibly Kidney Stones

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Little History on Me

Hello ~

I have PCOS and all that that entails.

A whole slew of symptoms and chronic illnesses that come with it. I know there are many women out there with the same problems and with different problems. In this blog I would like to talk about all the problems that come with this horrible disease, and maybe we can all help each other.

I know now that this disease starts early in life and until recently went undiagnosed for decades. It's only been recognized in the medical field for a few years, and a lot of doctors still do not recognize it.

When I finally had an answer to my weight problems that would not go away, no matter how much I "dieted" or how many doggone carrot sticks I ate, hardly a pound would drop off of me!!! I went for years being told I ate too much, I ate too many sweets, I sat around being lazy.......it's all your fault...pat me on the back and say you need to loose weight. Well, don't you think I knew that? and don't you think I tried month after month with no results, until I gave up for a while, and then I'd find new gumption, and start dieting again.....with the same results, and higher and higher weights. As a child I went to Dukes Clinic for Children and was put on a strict diet, yes I lost weight, but as with most people once I started doing well, my parents slacked off and being a child who wanted to eat what everyone eats, didn't keep it up. As a child my parents also took me to nutrisystem, same results, I've done the cambridge diet, weight watcher's, Dr. Joyce Virtues Your Image Diet, the cabbage soup diet, Stop the Insanity Diet, and many more......DIETS DO NOT WORK!!!

PCOS is a horrible disease that makes loosing weight very hard, and when you add on the problems that come with PCOS weight loss is nearly impossible. I have managed to loose 100 pounds in three years, which hardly feels like anything. A lot of it being water weight due to a wheat allergy.

I was thin enough in college to snag me a husband. Thank goodness he liked "chunky" girls, I was the thinnest I have ever been when we got married. I had always had horribly heavy periods and they were painful. When I got married I went on birth control pills, and my periods got very light and less painful, and eventually went away. Well as much as I liked this, the pill made into a person I didn't like. I went off the pill, and did not go back to a Gynecologist, mostly because I was living in a different town and just didn't go through the hassle of finding a new Dr. (Besides I don't like Dr.'s very much, they blame everything on my weight, even sore throats....jk... but it felt that way) We used other methods of birth control, and I always had this feeling that something was wrong because I never got pregnant by accident, as so many people do.

Well we quit using any birth control, my periods were very sporadic, and a friend of mine talked me into going to her Dr. This is after I moved back to my home town. Well I liked him very much, he didn't blame anything on my weight, just gently reminded me I better loose it before I get to old because it gets harder to loose with age!

Well he found a giant cyst, the size of a grapefruit on my left ovary. He did a procedure close to an amnio, and drained it, it was full of very clear fluid, he made the comment "You had your very own water tank!" Well within three months it was back. So he decided to do surgery and remove it. Well turns out he had to take half of my ovary and fallopian tube on my left side, because it was diseased, whatever that meant? So my periods returned to normal, and he said it may take us longer to get pregnant but that in no means would it prevent pregnancy. So we go on not really trying hard but definitely not trying to prevent. Well, my Dr. moved out of state. So I didn't bother finding one for a while.

I was a waitress at the time and overheard some customers of mine talking about PCOS, so I inquired who they were and could I have this disease? As it happens she is a nurse practitioner and her specialty is PCOS. So she gave me her card, I set an appt. She diagnosed me with PCOS and referred me to a fertility specialist at Duke. I made an appt. he said he would help me, but felt that I would feel better if I lost some weight first. But he would help me right away if I wanted. Well I would like to loose some first....another year or so passes.

A friend of mine told me about her gyno Dr., who was also a fertility specialist, well I made my appt. He felt I would be better off for my fertility problems with another Dr. So I made the appt. (thank God for health ins. at this time) Okay this Dr. gives me the run down.....meanest Dr I've ever been too. He tells me I'm cute as a button, but he wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole.....not at my weight, I could die, so could a baby....no wonder my husband couldn't get me pregnant, his equipment wasn't long enough because I was so big, on and on like this. He does go on to give me a vaginal ultrasound, a list of things to start doing, and a pat on the back with "loose weight and come back"

Back to square one.

So I work on the list but declare to never go back to him. I keep working another year goes by....I tell a customer of mine that I am considering Bariatric surgery...even though I personally know of three people that have had it and lost weight very quickly at first, but slowly gained it all back as they ate more and more and stretched their stomachs back out, and one person who was a customer died on the operating table while having the weight loss surgery. But I am desperate and don't know what else to do.....she begs me to try her Dr. before I go that route. So I make the appt. I immediately love this Dr. and will stick with her, I know I do not do things as quickly as she would like I am slow to follow....but I can tell she really cares about the person, not just the file # and the paycheck. So here i am three years later 100 pounds lighter, and still trudging ahead, I have a lot of the problems and chronic illness' that come with PCOS, but I trying.

With this blog I hope to help and get help telling about all the things that PCOS entails.