Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's official

It's Official....I have to say I am a diabetic now.

I will begin insulin this week for diabetes, my blood sugars have been running way too high, and metformin is no longer keeping them down, and it appears now my body does not produce enough insulin, when my entire life I've had way too much insulin floating around. I guess my pancreas is plum tired. I have a horrific fear of needles so this is truly freakin' me out! My friend a nurse...swears i won't feel the needle....FEEL IT ?? not sure if I can even stick it in me, it kills me to prick myself to check my blood sugar, and I can't even SEE that needle!! takes me forever to mash that button to pop my finger with that needle!!

I have a wheat intolerance, makes gain a lot of water weight when I get into too much of it! I'm not supposed to eat too much soy because it can cause my thyroid function to go down even further than it already is, I shouldn't eat anything white / sugary / soy / about choices.....what choices
chicken....and lettuce. That's my choices. I know not really, but that is how it feels, makes me want to go out and eat pizza and chocolate cake!!

I have a lot to learn, and a lot of research to do....I must get serious about this, because I want to be able to dance at my daughter's wedding. I want to be able to see her walk down the aisle. I won't let this disease beat me............

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