Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting The Dosage Down

EEERRRR...getting the dosage up I should say. Today my Dr. increased my insulin dosage to 13 units up 3 from my 10 units. 10 units brought me down some .....into the low 300's and 260's but as we all know that is not nearly low enough. So we shall see what this extra 3 units will do, seems like a very small amount of insulin....of course I hope I don't have to go up too much more. It's amazing to me that such a small dose can do anything. I'm glad it's a small dose...don't get me wrong. She wants to keep the units as low as possible...after all insulin causes weight gain...I already knew that. I've had to much insulin floating around in my body forever....gave me all kinds of nasty problems along with a whole lot of weight issues. What I'm wondering is how am I not going to get these problems back? Hopefully the dose being so low...there will be no extra to float around in my body. The VERY LAST thing I need is weight gain. I'm still trying to lose what all those years of not knowing/understanding what all that insulin was doing to me.

I had the "dirty neck" that in middle school kids teased me about ... saying that I wore cheap necklaces that turned my neck. I didn't know any better and I tried so hard to scrub my neck clean....even tried comet on it once. I couldn't get it clean so I quit wearing my gold chain my mom bought me and I quit wearing my hair up! No one could see my neck, and I wore a lot of turtle necks to hide my neck!! Now my "dirty neck" is finally gone and I'd like to keep that and the other nasty symptoms I lost away!!

Lord help me on this new journey. I'll keep ya posted. 'till next time!

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